Nighthawk Custom Leather

Nighthawk Custom offers the finest leather and exotic holsters on the market today. Each holster is custom designed to fit a specific pistol. No matter what size your 1911 is, whether it has a recon rail with a light, or has been outfit with a red dot optic, we can custom create a holster to fit your pistol. Our leather is wet molded with 2 tons of pressure, so you will see every unique curve and feature found on our firearms. This will also provide outstanding retention that will not remove the finish from your firearm. Our holsters are slowly crafted from Wicket & Craig vegetable tanned leather. The jumbo, native steer hides have been tanned the same way since 1867, using natural tree bark. The leather ages with a handsome patina that your grandchildren will fight over. Finished with a Flex-Guard natural leather sealant, our holsters provide protection against the elements, as they are both water and scratch resistant. There are no cutting corners with this hand-crafted leather, which you will notice when you see the hand burnished, primed, and painted edges. Every detail matters, and before any holster leaves, a complete 8-point inspection ensures that it is ready to provide a lifetime of use and abuse.

How does this work? After figuring out which model holster you would like, give us a call and we will customize it based off your pistol model, options, and, most importantly, your needs. No matter what Nighthawk Custom 1911 or Korth model you have, we have you covered. All pistol and revolver models we offer, we can custom build your holster accordingly.

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