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Mr. Howard,

Just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work with helping me purchase the Agent2 (Your customer service is bar-none)! Love the gun! True work of art & craftsmanship. The fit and finish is unbelievable, like nothing I’ve felt before. I’ve owned a couple Ed Browns & Wilson Combats... but they definitely don’t compare.
This won’t be my last Nighthawk!

Thank you in advance,
B. Barnard
June 6, 2019

I have shot a lot of nice 1911’s and can honestly say, none compare. It is beautiful, but the way it functions and shoots is amazing - Thank you!

The IOS system is also the best RMR mounting solution I have experienced. Any time frame to start installing it on customer supplied none Nighthawk 1911’s? Everyone that own’s 1911’s that I have showed it too is interested.

Thank you,
Craig Craig
June 2, 2019
Had the privilege to shoot with a Special Ops Marine yesterday . We shot several guns. However had real fun with my Nighthawk Chairman. He was able to ring my 12x24 steel plate out to 100 yards with boring consistency.
Quote “ great trigger....breaks like a glass rod”. Hey , also from 15 yards run through 10 pieces of steel down to 2” diameter faster than I could shoot 2 or 3....glad he is on our side. You would not want to be down range from this guy. Especially with a Nighthawk. Doug K.
May 27, 2019
Hi Mark,

It was such a pleasure meeting you and your family this past week. Danielle and I had so much fun and felt right at home the entire time.

NHC is so much more than just a quality firearm manufacturer, for the “most” part with enough money and devotion anyone can make a quality product BUT you can’t manufacture integrity and character. This is something you and your family exudes and means more to me than some piece of metal (no offense J. Stanke
May 8, 2019
Good afternoon,

I am reaching out to anyone and everyone within NHC for the sole purpose of thanking you for the level of craftsmanship and customer service that you provide. Ironically enough, I personally have never had any interaction with your staff. However, I came to recognize and esteem your work after inheriting a number of your pistols from my Grandfather after his passing.

Before his passing, he would take me to the range not only for his own practice, but as a means of sharing a common bond and passion for quality firearms. Although he owned what many would describe as an arsenal, I had never seen him cherish anything quite so much as his three Nighthawk 1911’s. His anticipation after ordering his last pistol from your shop was something I couldn’t understand.. until I too used them. I find myself reaching for the Costa 9mm or the Bob Marvel .45 before anything else I have owned. He saved every email thread shared between your shop and himself, which highlighted his meticulous nature and your attention to detail.

At this point, I don’t believe that I will ever want to own a 1911 built by anyone other than Nighthawk. I owe that fact largely to my Grandfathers insistence on sharing his passion - but also to your insistence on sharing your passion. I treat them as half firearm, half work of art. It is evident that your staff consists of nothing but the finest, from top to bottom.

I sincerely hope that this email reaches as many of your employees as possible. All too often, the appreciation falls on deaf ears. Once again, thank you for providing a product so incredible that a passion, legacy, and skill was able to be passed from one generation to another. In the process, you have also gained a lifelong supporter of your business, your values, and your commitment to excellence.

Warmest regards,

Jake P.
April 2, 2019
Joe, just got back from the range. Fabulous gun. The weight makes all the difference. Shoots dead on from 2 yards to 12 yards. After that the gun might shoot but I can’t. Shot 250 rounds today, 200 rounds of target ammo and 100 rounds of defense of ammo. All 9 mm no plus P. Absolutely a fabulous weapon I can’t get over the difference of the weight it is unbelievable. Thank you so much for taking care of me I really appreciate it. Ciao, Frank

Frank W.
March 18, 2019
Please pass on to everybody at Nighthawk Custom, including Mr. Mark Stone how impressed Fran and I are with everybody there and how much we both appreciate the great way we have been received and treated each time we were in Berryville at Nighthawk. Everybody there is 1st class and the "BEST". Ya'll also build the very best guns!!

When I picked up Fran's pistol from my FFL in Alabama he told me he had never seen anybody, or any company send a personal note like you sent with Fran's pistol with anything he had ever received for anybody. He couldn't believe it!! I told him that was just the great kind of people all ya'll are. He was also impressed with the pistol. He said it looked and felt like the best he had seen, and he gets a lot of different guns for people. I agree with him on all counts!!

Jim S.
March 17, 2019
I am a certified gunsmith and I am currently starting a business building 1911 pistols. I just wanted to say that your products are EXTREMELY high quality and I absolutely love your company! You do not over charge for your products and you smoke the competition by a long shot. I am absolutely hooked on your products now and I will definitely be a life long customer. Thank you for going above and beyond with your products. You guys rock!!
February 25, 2019
I just completed my third purchase of a handgun from Nighthawk Custom. These are the finest firearms I have ever shot. The slides are like glass, the trigger system right out of the box is like nothing I have ever felt. I am required to shoot a qualification yearly. I just used my new Chairman in 9mm and my T4 custom. I shot a 99 and 98, the best I have ever shot. The customer service is the best of any company out there. It is personal and I feel like a family member not just a customer. My account manager Scott has become a friend who understands what Im looking for and responds to every question immediately.

These firearms are not just runoff the mill mass produced, but an investment that my Son and Grandson's will appreciate some day. I truly believe that old adage, "You get what you pay for" and with Nighthawk Custom that is absolutely the case.
I proudly add my name to this review.
Pat E.
February 12, 2019
First and foremost, after remembering what this past Christmas season is about - I sincerely wish the very best to you and yours and everyone at Nighthawk Custom. Bless you all.

Secondly, I can't begin to tell you, Steven Cox AND Mark Stone just how completely overwhelmed I am with the overall quality and of the craftsmanship of the custom work Steven performed on my 1987 Colt Officers .45 ACP pistol! Please pass on to Steven my sincerest appreciation for his workmanship and attention to detail.

It obviously goes beyond the corporate premise of "One Gun, One Gunsmith". It seems to be ingrained into everyone who works at Nighthawk Custom. It was also evident in the overall high level of communication and customer service that was extended to me. Everyone I dealt with throughout the process was courteous, professional and very thorough. The quote I received for the work to be performed was what I paid. The superb quality of the build and the level of the workmanship was truly at the highest level possible. Mr. Stone needs to be aware of the terrific team he has built and the tremendous company he has under his leadership. Nighthawk Custom is truly an American success story he, and all the employees, should be very proud of representing.

As a quick background, I honestly was on the verge of selling this pistol because of my complete disappointment with other work that had been previously performed by other gunsmiths. It was a great carry gun and I have spent a number of hours at the range, using it to qualify for my Idaho State Concealed Carry Permit. But, it just never felt right or performed as well as I hoped. I was willing to give it one last try once I found out that Nighthawk Custom was able to take on the project.

Sharp Shooting Indoor Range and Gun Shop, here in Spokane, is the local gun store and range that I frequent. They are also the regional gun store that represents Nighthawk Custom pistols - which they keep prominently displayed in a locked display case - right at eye level. I have left many nose and finger prints on that display case more than once, checking out the few Nighthawk offerings.

Within hours of receiving my pistol back from it's rework, I was at the range testing it out. It performed flawlessly. It was very noticeably smoother and more accurate. It is a completely different pistol! Before I hit the range, I took Jeremy Ball, the manager, aside and explained that I had just received the pistol back from Nighthawk and was taking it for it's initial break-in. He asked me to check back after I had done my 90 rounds on the range, for a debrief. He could tell by my face, as I exited the range, that I was very pleased. I met him back at the counter and we struck up a conversation. He said he was well aware of the Nighthawk Custom brand and had had the opportunity to fire a few of your pistols over the years, but he knew little about your Custom Gunsmithing service. I was the first person he was aware of locally who had sent a pistol in for a complete make-over. As we were talking, I noticed a few other guys starting to gather around, listening to our conversation and admiring my pistol. As I was extolling the virtues of Nighthawk Custom and the great workmanship and service I received, I grabbed my cellphone and pulled up all the "Before" pictures I had and was able to really show everyone the "sow's ear" of a pistol it used to be. I pointed out all the re-milling, polishing and sculpting of the lines, the flawless Nitride finish and explained the complete trigger and hammer job - let alone the fitting of the slide to the frame, etc. - and was able to give a complete review of how the gun just performed. Jeremy was also very impressed and, based upon my recommendation, said he wouldn't hesitate to inform other customers of Nighthawk's capabilities. Hopefully, I was able to open a few eyes, firsthand, regarding your fine company and what you all are able to produce.

Anyway, I'm not fooling myself that I truly own a real Nighthawk Custom pistol. I realize it's initial limitations. But, I am equally honored to know that I have been blessed to have a pistol that has been through your process - to make it as good as it can be - so that I may pass it along someday. I'm recently retired, on a small income. But, it was sincerely worth every penny saved and spent on getting all the work done.

Bob - Again, Thank You and to everyone who works at Nighthawk Custom - not just for "a Job Well Done" - but for an "Exceptional Job Done" - at all levels. Dean S.
January 10, 2019
I know we took a lot of you day yesterday but we all enjoyed seeing you operation yesterday. I didn’t plan on buying a pistol but after you the workmanship you’re team puts into it I had to have one. I don’t buy a gun with the entente of ever sells no it so I know this will be one I hand down to one of my grandkids just like my grandfather and father gave me there guns.
I look forward to using that pistol and will let you know after a take it tot he range.
Thanks again for you time.

Semper Fi

Roland T. Roland T.
November 25, 2018
Yesterday, I picked up the NHC Custom Classic at my FFL and I wanted to tell you and everyone at Nighthawk that I couldn’t be more pleased. It exceeds my expectations by a country mile. Honestly, I can’t stop staring at it and holding it. Anyway, since you’re the person I had direct contact with at NH, I’m passing my thoughts onto you. Please share them with your colleagues. Thanks and have a great day!
Mark Mark N.
November 11, 2018
I really appreciate your fast response and I think I am becoming a Nighthawk aholic. I recently purchased the Chairman and it is just unbelievable to shoot. It’s too gorgeous to put away so I keep it in my office so I can enjoy its beauty all day. Tim S.
August 22, 2018
Just wanted to compliment you on regards to your firearms. I visited some of my family this weekend in Greensboro, NC and my step-mother has 3 of your firearms: 1 is a 9mm Browning Hi-Power chambered in 9mm, one of the others is one of your 1911's, also chambered in 9mm and her newest is a 1911 chambered in .45. Amazing firearms! She purchased all 3 from a local dealership named Greensboro Gun & Ammo. I've shot all 3 and can't believe how smooth they are. When I shot the .45, we had a Silencerco suppresor on it and it sounds more like a pellet rifle being fired than a .45 lol. I'm so jealous of her. Anyways, just wanted to let you know how impressed with the quality, how comfortable a fit it was in my hand and the accuracy. Great job guys!!! Ty S.
June 28, 2018

I am an avid enthusiast.
I have been able to acquire some of your best models as birthday presents this year.
I wanted a nice Nighthawk collection with a couple of special pieces like the VIP 2 and Bull(s. As in a set)in stainless as well as some others.

Bill Bien your Florida rep put me in touch with the dealers in his zone that had the models that I had sought without having to make any compromises on choice.
Bill knew where to source the designs that I wanted and put me in touch directly with the store principals.

Bill Bien is a credit to your company. He executes his job responsibilities quickly, accurately and most important effectively. He also has a very good personality ti handle high demand clients. Kick that guy up the ladder or pay him more because those individuals are almost impossible to find today.

I am very impressed with your products both design and function and in some cases even beauty. Bill is a great match with Nighthawks quality products.

Hell, I’d work for you I believe in your products so much but wanted you to know my experience with your company and Bill personally.
Your people have proven excellent with Bill standing tall..!

Thank you for your time reading this as I know you are busy. Take care and I wish you much continued success in the future.

Scott L.
April 30, 2018
Thanks again for the brand new Nighthawk Custom shotgun. Once again you have exceeded my expectations. I am a Nighthawk Custom advocate, and customer for life.


Berin Berin
March 22, 2018
Gentlemen good morning,

this is Sergio from Milan (Italy) I am not a journalist or a VIP person but just a very enthusiastic owner of a brand new Nighthawk Custom 1911 War Hawk Government model that I just bought this month, and I would like to send you some comments.

I have just done an intensive test fire with 300 or more rounds with no failure at all.

I really wanna thank you all together to make me so happy with this piece of masterpiece. I have spent my last 35 years playing in shooting game like IDPA and IPSC with all kind of pistols, and most of them “in theory” high end 1911, but this thing is totally another level.

WHAT THING IS IT? It is so nice, smooth, precise, and the trigger so light ……. WOW AMAZING !!

In particular I want to thank you Mr. SV I see his stamp on the frame under the grip of the Gun, so please Mr. SV go ahead on what you are doing so well, your is not a simple job your is like a divine mission.

Best regards.

Sergio Sergio B.
February 19, 2018

I bought my 1st NHC Falcon a few years ago, it was my 2nd 1911 w/ the Colt Gold Cup being my 1st 1911. Up until then my collection entailed Glock, Ruger, S&W, Magnum Research, Sig Sauer and a few others. For some reason the Falcon caught my eye at the dealership. When I picked up the Falcon the salesman told me, "...things will never be the same for you. You're entering into an entirely new realm." Well he was right, it exceeded my expectations for quality, attention, consistency, and accuracy. Over the next couple of years I purchased an Ed Brown Custom Classic, a Les Baer, and a Dan Wesson. All are amazing guns, but I kept coming back to the Falcon as my favorite.

As a side story, two of my nephews are LEOs, who are both Glock bigots. At a charity shooting event they had the chance to shoot my NHC. At 25 yards they were able to shoot tennis balls with their Glocks but they were able to shoot at (and hit) golf balls w/ my Falcon! They LOVE the NHC.

Back to my story... I have been drooling over the NHC Kestrel since it was brought to market. Personally, I think it's one of the best looking guns you folks manufacture. I don't have the financial resources to run out and buy a custom gun when I see one that I like, but I'm good at saving for what I want rather than buying lots of $500 guns. A couple of years ago I told my wife that I was going to buy the NHC Kestrel (new) as a birthday present to myself when I retire. This summer I contacted Joe at NHC and we put together an order for my Kestrel. I asked him what he thought about this vs that feature, we had several good discussions. It's difficult to buy something you've never touched or actually seen! We/I settled on a black Kestrel w/ 4" barrel, full sized grip, in 9mm. I gave him my credit card information, and I waited, and waited, and waited...

Three days later my Kestrel arrived at my local dealer. The gun is nothing short of amazing! So here I sit with my two Nighthawk Custom pistols, an Ed Brown, and a Les Baer. They're all amazing guns, but the Kestrel is now my favorite, and the Falcon has been relegated to being #2 (not too shabby). As I said, they're ALL amazing guns, but not all of them are Nighthawks- "just a little above amazing". Hopefully I'll add the NHC Hi Power in a year or so.

I have to buy a 3rd NHC, either the Hi Power or the Custom Classic. I plan on leaving one to my son and each of my nephews. Good thing I don't come from a large family :-)

BTW, customer service is outstanding also. I would send Joe a note and I would receive his response early the next morning, or later that evening. At one point I even told him to go home and enjoy the great summer day.

BTW2, never had a single misfire in my Falcon or my Kestrel.

Keep up the great work,
Stuart P. Stuart P.
February 7, 2018
Hi Bill

I just want to tell you at how amazed I was when I opened the case and my first impression of the stippling was pure art and words can not explain how unique this makes this pistol and truly sets it apart , The best part of it is because although it’s uniform it also is not the lines flow giving a true work of art look and feel this is not the run of the mill type of stippling this is an expression in art . This approach of one Smith one pistol is old world type of craftsmanship that is ascent from all your competition and sets NIGHTHAWK apart from the rest . I understand that Justin is the smith who crafted this masterpiece and I would like to thank him for his dedication to his craft .

Life time customer


Mike O. Mike O.
January 9, 2018
I’ve bought a couple of your high end handguns from them early this year before I met you. Shooting your handguns are like driving a Bentley.
John T.
December 14, 2017