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Holster, Cowhide With Cowhide Trim, Black, Unlined, Government

Nighthawk Custom Holster, Cowhide, Black, Government
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The Nighthawk Custom Cowhide with Cowhide Trim holster is a dual carry holster that allows you to carry both OWB and IWB. This holster is handmade from genuine American Cowhide and is backed by an unbeatable 100-year warranty. The reinforcing trim piece prevents the holster from collapsing after drawing your firearm. Using the fully adjustable metal hardware, you can carry this holster concealed in a number of positions, including appendix, strong side, backside, or cross draw. Each holster is designed to fit your specific firearm. Give us a call with your pistol or revolver model, and it’s upgrades, to custom order. 877-268-4867

Made for 1.5" wide belts.

Holster includes IWB clips for optional Inside the Waistband Carry.

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