Holster, Shark Trim, Commander

Nighthawk Custom Holster, Shark Trim Commander
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The Nighthawk Custom Shark Holster is a dual carry holster that allows you to carry both OWB and IWB and is made from wild, blue shark. The blue shark is an adaptable species native to waters of over 150 countries. With the blue shark commercially harvested for its meat, the skin is made available as a by-product. While soft to the touch, the skin is also incredibly durable. Both comfortable and tough, our shark holsters are an all-around holster that will withstand the test of time. Made entirely by hand in the USA for Nighthawk Custom, this holster is backed by an unbeatable 100-Year Warranty. Guaranteed to fit like a glove, every holster is individually crafted for each Nighthawk Custom firearm and has a generationally guaranteed, transferable warranty. Give us a call with your pistol or revolver model, and it’s upgrades, to custom order. 877-268-4867

Made for 1.5" wide belts.

Holster includes IWB clips for optional Inside the Waistband Carry.

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