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Nighthawk Custom Warranty Return Policy (Guns)

Step 1 Contact a representative from Nighthawk Custom and they will try to help you figure out the issue over the phone to see if there are any underlying causes that can be easily remedied without having to return your firearm for repair. For example: proper lubrication, cleaning and maintenance, Recoil Spring, or ammo issues. Please verify the issue using three types of ammo and make sure it happens with all the Magazines.

Step 2 Unless a representative advises otherwise, always include the complete firearm, all parts and also all Magazines involved in the firing of this weapon. Take the Slide off of the Frame, wrap the Slide and Frame separately, but wrap them very well. Put them back in the gun rug and ship it in the box. Make sure you put a note describing the issue and all details, including ammo used, Magazine details, etc. We need your Magazines to make sure we can take every step possible to duplicate the issue you are experiencing.

Step 3 Once we receive the pistol we will inspect it, test fire it to verify the issue. The test fire will include a combination of 50 rounds of hollow points, full metal jackets, and semi-wad cutters. If you are using special ammo and that is the only ammo you are having the issue with, please send the ammo separately.

Step 4 If we cannot verify the issue, then you are responsible for the range time cost, ammo, and the shipping cost back to you. This usually runs from $120.00 to $200.00 depending on if you are located outside the continental U.S.

Step 5 If we cannot verify the issue when we inspect and test fire, we will contact you and offer to go back to the range if you choose and test fire again at a charge of $50.00 per 50 rounds fired. This includes the cost of ammo, labor and time for the next trip to the range. The second trip to the range session will be videotaped and a copy sent back with the firearm. If we have any malfunctions during test fire you will not be responsible for any charges at all.

Step 6 A common issue is improper lubrication. The 1911 should be lubed after each trip to the range. Make sure the Recoil Spring is fresh, call if you have any questions. Government length springs need to be changed every 2000 rounds, Commander length every 1500 rounds, and Officer length every 500 rounds. Verify the issue with all of your Magazines and three different brands of ammo; also have at least two people shoot the weapon to verify the issue.

Notice of Written Warranty

Nighthawk Custom stands behind each of our firearms with pride and honor.

If you ever feel your Nighthawk Custom 1911 is not functioning to your standards, or ours, please contact us for immediate assistance.


  • Nighthawk Custom expressly disclaims any liability for incidental or consequential damages.
  • Nighthawk Custom firearms are intended for use exclusively with factory standard velocity ammunition.
  • Nighthawk Custom guarantees reliability of your weapon using only factory ammunition. We will not guarantee reliability using hand-loaded ammunition or any factory ammunition manufactured with aluminum or steel cases.