Nighthawk Custom - Cosmi Unique pieces, exclusively

Our latest partnership is with the remarkable Cosmi SRL shotguns of Ancona, Italy. Nighthawk Custom is proud to announce that we are now the exclusive importer of all Cosmi shotguns in the United States. Cosmi builds the world’s finest and most advanced luxury semi-automatic shotguns. Italian design at its best, each Cosmi contains over 100 hand-fit parts. The unique and ingenious magazine tube runs down into the stock, creating the ultimate shotgun design. These pieces of art are the most exclusive and bespoke shotguns that are built.

Rodolfo Cosmi circa 1882

Cosmi History

The first Cosmi shotgun dates back to 1895, when Rodolfo Cosmi crafted the very first prototype. Making a meager living, Rudolfo could not afford the price of a new shotgun, so he embarked to build one on his own. Using parts from a worn-out old shotgun and the shaft of an umbrella, Rodolfo designed the first of what would become a legendary line of shotguns. Friends and relatives began to request Rodolfo to build shotguns, which was the start of what made the Cosmi name so famous. Everyone sought after these pieces of art. The King of Italy at the time even owned a Cosmi shotgun. The prestige and excellence of Cosmi shotguns lives on today as they have made their way into collections all around the world.

Custom Cosmi

Cosmi shotguns are the premier luxury semi-automatic shotguns on the market. Each Cosmi shotgun is tailored right to you. From length of pull to cheek weld, every aspect of the shotgun has been designed to the shooter’s specifications. Proper measurements are taken to ensure the shotgun will be the perfect fit for you. The Cosmi gunsmiths then use these measurements to craft a truly one-of-a-kind firearm, designed with that specific shooter in mind. You won’t find this level of detail or customization in any other semi-automatic shotgun on the market.

Every single Cosmi is unique, you will hardly ever find one exactly the same. This makes them bespoke, and extremely sought after. It would be our honor to be able to custom build one to your needs, so that you will have a shotgun to pass down from generation to generation. We start with 3 models, the Classic (Steel), Titanium, and Superleggerro. All of the Cosmi internals are the same, just as our pistols are- you can start with the model and customize it cosmetically to fit your needs and wants. Below you can check out the hand engravings and inlay offered, the different woods and what you can do to create your one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Download the Cosmi Catalog Download the Cosmi Engravings Catalog