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Have you ever looked at the current lineup of Nighthawk Custom pistols and thought, “I really wish I could have a President in 9mm, but I can’t because I live in California.” Or, maybe you want the Fire Hawk with its integrated compensator, but it’s not on the California roster. Well, we have a solution for you.

Nighthawk Custom is now offering California residents our new Express Gunsmithing Initiative. This program will allow you to purchase a California compliant 1911 with our Express Gunsmithing Initiative, such as the GRP, and send it back to us for modification. Within five (5) days, one of our expert gunsmiths will make the desired modifications and send the gun back to you. You may not believe your eyes when your GRP now looks and performs exactly like a President. Or a Fire Hawk. Or a War Hawk. You decide.

Current options allow for the GRP, Talon and T3 models to be modified into a limited number of different models. If you see the model you’ve been dreaming about listed below, with our Express Gunsmithing Initiative, we can make your dreams come true.

Download our brochure on the California Express Gunsmithing Initiative

CA ROSTER MODEL Model After EGI Service Model Price
GRP Enforcer $3,699
GRP Falcon $3,699
GRP Fire Hawk $4,199
GRP President $4,199
GRP Chairman $4,199
GRP Shadow Hawk Gov $3,699
GRP War Hawk Gov $3,999
Talon Heinie Long Slide 6" (10mm/.45 ACP only) $3,899
Talon Predator $3,799
Talon Trooper $3,599
T3 T4 $3,599
T3 War Hawk Officer $3,999
Recon Upgrade (only available on GRP) $100
Interchangeable Optics System (IOS) $350
† Available in 10mm $100
All models will incur a $599 EGI fee

California Compliant 1911s

GRP – The GRP (Global Response Pistol) is our base model. It is made up of fully machined parts that are hand-fit from start to finish by one of our expert gunsmiths. The GRP features a government frame and slide with a match grade 5” barrel chambered in .45 ACP. (MSRP $3,099)

GRP Recon – The same great pistol as the GRP, except in a railed model. The GRP Recon comes standard with the Surefire X300 Ultra tactical light and Tritium Night Sight. (MSRP $3,399)

Predator – The Predator family is designed to minimize felt recoil. These pistols have a full-length guide rod and a coned (wafered), match grade .45 ACP barrel that helps control muzzle flip. With the Predator barrel system, the recoil you feel is low and the shot recovery time is much faster than any traditional 1911 with a bushing barrel. (MSRP $3,799) Also Predator II & III

Talon – The Talon adds a few great upgrades to the traditional 1911. This .45 ACP pistol comes standard with Tritium front and rear sights that improve sight acquisition in low light. Additionally, this pistol features top and rear-of-slide serrations that reduce glare from the sun. (MSRP $3,499) Also Talon II & T3

Step by Step

How the Express Gunsmithing Initiative works in five easy steps:

You purchase a CA-compliant 1911 with our Express Gunsmithing Initiative
We ship your CA-compliant 1911 to you
You ship your 1911 back to us for express gunsmithing
We make desired modifications to your 1911
We ship back your 1911 that now looks and functions like a President, Enforcer, Fire Hawk, etc.