1911 Firing Pin Spring, Extra Power, (Stainless Pin)

It’s a good idea to change your firing pin spring every 5,000 rounds to insure proper ignition and have enough tension on the firing pin for safety reasons. An extra power spring is a safety feature to have in your 1911 in case of an accidental drop. The double extra power spring is recommended when using a titanium firing pin.
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The 1911 firing pin spring serves a critical, but often overlooked, function. Not only do they return the firing pin to its ready state after ignition, but it also prevents accidental discharge in the event the pistol is dropped. Nighthawk Custom extra power firing pin springs balance these two functions perfectly to reduce the risk of an accidental discharge without sacrificing reliable ignition.
  • High Tensile Spring Steel
  • Fits All 1911 Slides
  • Designed for Use with Stainless Firing Pin
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