1911 Complete Pin Set, Carbon, Officer

Our complete pin set really comes complete. We even include the mainspring caps and pins. Available in Government and Officer size.
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Nighthawk Custom’s FM Series complete pin set is exactly that...complete. A set of all the pins necessary to construct, rebuild, or recondition a 1911 pistol. Fully Machined™ from solid 11L17 carbon steel and heat treated to the proper hardness, our FM Series offers the best 1911 parts on the market. Includes: Link Pin, Sear Pin, Ejector Pin, Hammer Pin, Hammer Strut Pin, Mainspring Cap Pin, Mainspring Housing Pin Retainer, Plunger Pin, Safety Lock Plunger Pin, Mainspring Cap and Mainspring Housing Pin.
  • 11L17 Carbon Steel
  • For Use on Officer Size Frames
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