1911 Complete Pin Set, Stainless, Government

Our complete pin set really comes complete. We even include the mainspring caps and pins. Available in Government and Officer size.
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Nighthawk Custom’s FM Series complete pin set is exactly that...complete. A set of all the pins necessary to construct, rebuild, or recondition a 1911 pistol. Fully Machined™ from premium-grade 416 stainless steel and heat treated to the proper hardness, our FM Series offers the best 1911 parts on the market. Includes: Link Pin, Sear Pin, Ejector Pin, Hammer Pin, Hammer Strut Pin, Mainspring Cap Pin, Mainspring Housing Pin Retainer, Plunger Spring, Plunger Pin, Safety Lock Plunger Pin, Mainspring Cap and Mainspring Housing Pin.
  • 416 Stainless Steel
  • For Use on Government Size Frames
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