1911 Sight Combo, Heinie Ledge Rear (Black), Fiber Optic Front (Red)

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An all-in-one solution for your 1911 optics, this kit includes a Heinie Ledge rear sight with a fiber optic front sight. The Heinie Ledge rear sight design utilizes a .125” rear notch width. The rear face of the sight is serrated and a smooth front leading up to the ledge, clear of any snag points for easy carry. The serrations on the rear of the sight eliminate glare from light sources while aiming. This solid black Heinie Ledge is designed to help shooters rack the slide with a single hand. This rear sight requires machining of the slide for installation. Heinie recommends having a competent pistolsmith install these sights. A .040" red fiber optic insert on the front sight helps to capture ambient light and shine, drawing the eye to the front sight while retaining a low, snag-free profile. With a blade width of .120", this sight is the perfect solution for improved sight acquisition and alignment during high-stress scenarios.

*Some fitting may be required

  • Novak Cut (.330 x 65 deg) Dovetail
  • Blade Width: .120"
  • Red Fiber Optic Insert Width: .040"
  • Heinie Ledge
  • Solid Black
  • Novak Cut (.500 x 65 degree) Dovetail
  • Notch Width: .125"
  • EZ Lock Fitting
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