GI Length 1911 Guide Rod, Reverse Plug

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Nighthawk Custom’s FM Series one-piece guide rods are Fully Machined™ from a premium-grade 416 stainless steel billet, creating the finest 1911 parts on the market. These high-quality parts aid in smooth, reliable cycling by completely capturing recoil spring to prevent it from binding or deforming. These parts add extra weight up front to reduce muzzle flip for improved control and fast follow-up shots. With the guide rod machined out of a solid steel billet, there are no threads to work loose, compromising your firearm. The backside of the guide rod has been beveled to prevent contact with the lower lugs.


  • 416 Stainless Steel
  • Solid, 1-Piece Design
  • GI Length Guide Rod
  • Matching Diameter Reverse Plug

    The Nighthawk Custom line of Fully Machined parts are designed to be the gold standard in the 1911 parts industry. All Fully Machined parts have been fully CNC machined from solid steel billets. We never use cast, metal injected moldings or polymer parts. In order to create the World’s Finest 1911s, only the best materials can be used. That is why you can trust Nighthawk Custom Fully Machined parts in your 1911.

    All Fully Machined parts are backed by a lifetime warranty.

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