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Thin Hex Head Grip Screws and Bushings, Carbon

Thin Hex Head Grip Screws and Bushings, Carbon

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Nighthawk Custom (FM Series) Grip Screws and Grip Screw Bushings are fully-machined from billet steel, making them stronger and more reliable than other manufacturing methods. Nighthawk offers nothing but the highest quality parts to their customers and uses nothing less in their builds. Give your custom gun a complete custom finished look that will continue to look great even after being removed many times. This kit comes complete with the grip screws and bushings necessary to install the thin grip panels that are favored by those with smaller hands. It even includes the hex wrench needed to tighten the grip screws.


  • 11L17 Carbon Steel
  • hex drive
  • Thickness: Thin
  • Part Number: SP0151