1911 Slide Stop, 9mm/.38 Super, Stainless

Our new Tool Steel Slide Stop is cut from solid bar stock and hardened to insure a lifetime of flawless performance. This fully machined part is unrivaled in the 1911 world because of the quality of machining and the close tolerances it is held to during the machining process.
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The Nighthawk Custom FM Series 1911 slide stop is built tough for a tough job. This 9mm/.38 Super slide stop has been Fully Machined™ from premium-grade 416 stainless steel, offering shooters the highest quality parts on the market today. The force absorbed by a 1911 slide stop during normal operation makes it susceptible to wear and breakage. This makes it a prime candidate for the durability of parts that are precision machined from bar stock steel and heat treated to proper hardness. This durable combination ensures a long, dependable service-life and reliable lock back on empty.

The Nighthawk Custom line of Fully Machined parts are designed to be the gold standard in the 1911 parts industry. All Fully Machined parts have been fully CNC machined from solid steel billets. We never use cast, metal injected moldings or polymer parts. In order to create the World’s Finest 1911s, only the best materials can be used. That is why you can trust Nighthawk Custom Fully Machined parts in your 1911.

All Fully Machined parts are backed by a lifetime warranty.

  • 416 Stainless Steel
  • For Use With 9mm or .38 Super
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