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Negrini Pistol Case

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Negrini gun cases are designed with an ultra-strong double wall ABS construction which consists of a thick thermoformed ABS outer case welded to a rigid thermoformed inner case. Negrini gun cases are fully cushioned and lined with a specially made cotton and acrylic fabric. Negrini gun cases' patented double wall construction assures maximum shock absorption without breaking. Each gun case is fitted with hardened steel combination locks and hinges. The locks are recessed to prevent gun case damage on conveyor belts. All Negrini gun case materials used are certified to not outgas or corrode firearms. Features:
  • SLX-WOOD – Italian leather trim & handle with faux wood ABS interior
  • Italian leather trim on interior compartments
  • Lined with specially made cotton and acrylic fabric
  • Two hardened steel combination locks

    Fits 1911 size:
  • All Government Sizes, Double Stacks, 6" barrels, even with a full rail
  • Commander Size, including Double Stacks, even with a full rail
  • Browning Hi Power
  • Fits all size 1911s and double stacks without an x300 or red dot
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