Gibbs Lubricant/Cleaner 12 oz. Pressurized Spray Can

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12 oz. Pressurized Spray Can In 1969 Paul Gibbs, a prototype engineer developed a multi-surface conditioner that would revolutionize the chemical industry. Working in the plating industry, Paul became exposed to a variety of chemicals and expanded his knowledge. Later in his career Paul developed a penetrant to be used in the marine, automotive, and cycle industry. Because the product he perfected contained none of the chemicals that the competitive markets utilized, Paul was able to get the product patented here in the United States. After intense testing, the GIBBS® penetrant was the first patented product of its kind. Its unique formula replaces several products as a cleaner, penetrant, corrosion inhibitor, a waterproofing agent, and lubricant. Every Nighthawk Custom pistol is treated with Gibbs before it leaves the factory. We have seen nothing less than superb results.
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