Nighthawk Custom Cleaning Kit

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Everything you need to keep your pistol running smooth, this kit contains the essentials to maintaining your firearm. The Nighthawk Custom gun mat provides a non-abrasive surface that won't harm your gun's finish. The Nighthawk Custom silicone cloth will remove fingerprints and harmful oils from the surface of the gun while the microfiber towel can be used safely on all surfaces of a firearm. The included Gun Butter Pen Oiler can be used to lubricate your firearm in even the tightest of crevices, and the oil stays put to ensure the proper functioning of your weapon. For further protection, this kit also contains Gibbs Brand Lubricant, an all-in-one cleaner and protectant to keep the function and finish of your firearm in top condition.

  • Nighthawk Custom Gun Mat
  • Nighthawk Custom Silicone Cloth
  • Nighthawk Custom Micro Fiber Towel
  • Gun Butter Pen Oiler - 1/4 oz
  • Gibbs - 2 oz
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