Holster, Full Elephant, Black, Unlined, Government

Nighthawk Custom Holster, Full Elephant, Government
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The Nighthawk Custom Elephant holster is a dual-carry holster that allows you to carry both OWB and IWB. This holster is made from genuine elephant and the highest grade American cowhide. Each holster is made entirely by hand in the USA for Nighthawk Custom and carries an unbeatable 100-Year Warranty. Designed to fit your specific firearm, this holster is guaranteed to fit like a glove and will not scratch the finish of your firearm. A full-sized sweat guard keeps moisture from transferring from your body to the firearm, preventing rust and providing incredible comfort. Give us a call with your pistol or revolver model, and it’s upgrades, to custom order. 877-268-4867

Made for 1.5" wide belts.

Holster includes IWB clips for optional Inside the Waistband Carry.

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