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Nighthawk Custom is proud to announce Hillbilly223 Urban Finishes, Inc. as our Camo Specialty Finisher.

Hillbilly223 specializes in firearms finishes and has been working with us to provide our customers with quality camo finishes. Nighthawk Custom will continue to offer camo finishes by Hillbilly223. Please contact your Nighthawk sales rep at 877-268-4867. If you have other firearms, rifles, parts or accessories that you would like to have finished by Hillbilly223, you may contact him direct at

When things go bump in the night nothing settles your nerves more than having a shotgun nearby that you know tips the odds in your favor.

Law enforcement professionals already know that when they deploy a shotgun, suspects carrying a handgun are not nearly so emboldened about starting a gunfight. It's very intimidating to think that you might be on the receiving end of the lethal blast that a shotgun delivers.

More patrol officers are carrying AR-type rifles in their squad cars but are discovering that, if setup properly, a 12 gauge can deliver a 300 grain slug with combat accuracy up to 100 yards with devastating results that no rifle can match. This can be achieved while carrying munitions that range from buckshot to breeching rounds to less lethal, all with the same weapon. The bottom line is that the shotgun has proven itself to be the most intimidating, effective and versatile of any weapon deployed in an urban environment.

We specialize in setting up combat shotguns. Whether you are a civilian wanting an optimal home defense weapon, or a law enforcement professional with special needs, we can provide you the complete package.

Things we consider when setting up your shotgun:


  • We use the same sights as the United States military. They feature fully adjustable ghost ring apertures that are adjustable for elevation and windage.
  • Front and rear are fully shrouded for protection against being knocked out of adjustment or damaged if dropped.
  • Available with a red fiber optic or tritium front sight. With a light mounted on the shotgun the red fiber optic is a great choice. You can illuminate the target with the light during the late hours, and nothing is faster to acquire during the daytime. Competitive handgun shooters are leaning more and more towards a fiber optic front sight.

Fully Adjustable Ghost Ring Rear Sight

Red Fiber Optic Front Sight
with option for Green Tritium Insert


  • Ideal for carrying specialized or spare rounds
  • Available in four or six round configurations


  • Limited only by your imagination
  • Hogue stocks are standard. They provide a sure gripping surface on the forend and butt stock
  • Standard length-of-pull or short stock at no extra charge
  • Collapsible stocks made by Magpul industries, or any you prefer, available upon request
  • Recoil reduction tubes for collapsible stocks available that reduce felt recoil by as much as 75%


Probably the first thing you will notice after you admire the finish is our side shell carrier. We say that because there is no need to remove it to read the serial numbers. It is made from a one piece aluminum billet that is hard anodized to military spec. (no more fear of plastic cracking if left in direct sunlight). They are available in your choice of four or six round configurations.


Rapid release of the safety can sometimes make the critical difference. We use the Vang Comp Big Dome Safety on all of our models. The dome on the safety is so pronounced that you can release the safety while acquiring the trigger in the same move.


A smooth action is essential for fast follow up shots. Not content to leave "as is out of the box", we hand-hone every action for smoother operation.


  • A Picatinny Rail can be mounted on the receiver which allows you to facilitate the use of various red dot sights. Combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan have proven that the use of a red-dot aiming device is the fastest way to acquire a target.
  • Any type of optional sight can be added per your request.


Normally a $250 option, the Vang Comp System, or VCS, is a patented process whereby the barrel is ported, back-bored and the forcing cone is lengthened to reduce felt recoil and tighten an optimize buck shot loads.


It's a very informative collection of series of how to best employ the shotgun to maximum effectiveness. To view the trailer, click this link.


Standard Base Model Features

Using the base model as a starting point, you can customize one to fit your mission type or personal taste. Our Nighthawk Tactical Shotgun base model includes the following features:

  • Remington 870 3" Magnum
  • Hand honed action for smoother, faster operation
  • Proprietary Ceramic Based Perma Kote™ finish in Sniper Gray, OD Green, Coyote Tan, or Black
  • Vang Comp BIG DOME Safety
  • LPA fully adjustable Ghost Ring rear sight
  • Red Fiber Optic protected front sight (add $35 for tritium)
  • Hogue Rubber OverMolded Butt Stock® in 14" or 12" LOP and Forend for positive grip
  • Choice of 4 or 6 round shell carriers cut from a one piece hard anodized Aluminum Billet
(12" Short Stock option at no additional charge)

Click here for Custom Shotgun Upgrades.

Call for Shotgun Optics pricing.

Optional Optics: Fits picatinny rail on shotguns

  • Aimpoint H-1 

5.11 Tactical Shotgun Case: $149.95

When you make an investment in a custom firearm, it only makes sense to provide good protection for it during transport. 5.11 Tactical is the brand preferred by most professionals, and we know the quality is first rate. That's the reason we decided to have them make our shotgun cases. Choose from Black, Coyote Tan, or NEW Urban Gray Camouflage now available.

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