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Hey Tim,

Thanks so much for the new barrel. It really gives my AAC-Recon a different look. Of course, the target is just as unbelievable as the original target. I've never had a pistol that shoots as wells a my Nighthawk. The slide is as smooth as a hot knife cutting butter. I am so impressed with y'alls craftsmanship. Please pass on my appreciation to everyone at Nighthawk Custom.

Thanks again,
Thomas Thomas
June 6, 2017
Mark - I write to let you know how much I enjoyed dealing with your team in connection with my recent purchase of a 1911 War Hawk in 9 mm, which was shipped out to my local gun store today. (I ordered it at the end of December.) My point of contact after I placed the order was Mickey Shields, and he couldn’t have been more helpful. We had various e-mail exchanges during the intervening months, and a long phone call today in connection with finalizing shipping details and the like.

Mickey was a consummate professional throughout (including handling my several irritating “when will it be ready” e-mails), extremely affable, very responsive and an all-around real pleasure to deal with.

You are fortunate to have him on your team. And I can only imagine what a great team it is, based on your company’s outstanding reputation.

Kudos to Nighthawk Custom, and Mickey, in particular.

All my best, Leon B
May 10, 2017
Afternoon sir,
I picked up my pistol a from the gun shop this morning. I am completely blown away by how it turned out. I've never used a tool with a trigger that nice. It shots so well I can't find the words. Everything from the way it looks and feels to recoil pulse and the break of the shot is just a dream. Thank you Sir! Please give Mr Vaughn a bid hug and kiss on the cheek from this old grunt:) JW
April 30, 2017
Hi Mark: I just purchased a Bob Marvel 1911 from Mickey Shield. I received the gun yesterday at Port St Lucie Shooting Center, its perfect, your smitty that built the gun did an excellent job, haven't shot it yet but as far as appearance, the detail is superb and the trigger pull is outstanding. The main reason I wound up with the Bob Marvel is Mickey Shield and his superb presentation over the phone, he is one outstanding salesman. He believes in his product (very important when selling something), and presented it in a manner that was professional, articulate, and NOT overbearing at all. He let me make the decision, and that is the mark of an outstanding salesman. Mickey was so intuitive that in a short time talking with him he knew better what I wanted than I did. Mickey Shield on a scale of 1 to 10, gets an 11, and that 11 is not a typo. This is the second 1911 I have purchased from you, the other which is my present EDC is a Stainless T3, which looks like it is going to be accompanied by the Bob Marvel. You are doing it right, don't change anything, outstanding staff, excellent products that become heirlooms. I appreciate the opportunity to be able to deal directly with your company, it works best for me !! Mickey Shield made that happen. Take Care God Bless & God Speed Fred B. Fred B.
April 18, 2017

Thank you and your staff for having an outstanding customer service. My hate for _____________ runs deep and within the last six months I have purchased five nighthawk custom pistols. Don't ever change your customer service as I consider it the best in the industry period.

All the best, Berin
April 12, 2017
When I acquired my Nighthawk-Korth Super Sport revolver I spent days admiring its workmanship and all-around good looks. I'd no choice -- outdoor target shooting in Maine in Winter calls for hardier spirits than mine. At the merest hint of permissive weather, I decided I could no longer wait. As bitter winds and snowflakes blew I drove to the outdoor range I use, about ten minutes from my Midcoast home, and soon forgot about the miserable day.

My prized firearm -- the most elegant of my small collection -- proved to be more than macho eye-candy. I'm a very old guy and a mediocre shot who discovered he had a tack-driver in hand. The Super Sport allowed me to savage bull's-eyes in conditions only a fool could enjoy. In this geezer's opinion, the Super Sport is an instant classic.

This is one hell of a gun.

Mike S.
March 12, 2017
I now have three of your guns. I own a Talon, Warhawk and a T3. I've always liked custom 1911's and about a month ago, I acquired my first NHC (Talon). I could tell right away it was a highly functional work of art. I saw the YouTube video that featured Mark Stone talking about all the quality attributes of the guns. I believe every bit of what he says. The folks that produced the three guns I own made something that I'll be proud of the rest of my life. These are heirloom quality guns. I can't say enough good things BUT, I will praise them whenever asked or wherever I go and people see them. Great job people! These have to be the best guns made. Jeff C.
February 19, 2017

My apologies,I do not use social media,however I will send a note to your most talented folks.

This sidearm is my "last a lifetime" and by all apparent observation my funds were well spent, in all honesty ,I got the better part of the deal.

You have my permission to post my words.

Truly a once in a lifetime sidearm,and one for the next generation.

My appreciation to your fine craftsmen.

SSgt.D. M.Beam
82nd ABD Ret. SSgt.D. M.Beam
February 16, 2017
I wanted to thank you for your time and help in purchase of my future personal sidearm. You took the extra time and consideration to make this happen for myself.
I greatly appreciate your professionalism and care.
I can't wait until I can sight the weapon. Daniel
February 9, 2017
Dear Mark Stone, Bill Bien, Joey Lehr & the rest of the Nighthawk Custom team,

My journey to firing and owning a Nighthawk Custom Shadow Hawk 1911 started in May 2016 at the NRA convention in Louisville. While I always knew about Nighthawks, in the back of my mind it was just another 1911. It wasn't until I met Bill Bien at the show booth that convinced Nighthawk Custom was more than just a firearm manufacturer. This gentleman went above and beyond his call of duty and spent almost an hour going through the different pistols that Nighthawk offered. He graciously answered all of my dumb questions, and was happy to explain the differences between all of your fine firearms. The other high end 1911 companies did not show the same enthusiasm about their products, nor did they care about me being a potential customer. The experience with Bill was the tipping point that led me down the path of choosing Nighthawk Customer and purchasing the finest 1911 I have ever owned and shot.

I called Bill approximately a month later to remind him who I was, and we spent a lot of time over the phone to go over piece-by-piece what I wanted on my Shadow Hawk. He was great in this process!

While I was hoping to get the firearm before my birthday, Bill was happy to take all of my calls while I continued to bug him about the order. While it didn't show up in time for my birthday, Bill did everything to assure me that he was on top of the order and would get it to me ASAP. As a long time computer programmer, it would be a great part of the experience to have an online component that shows what Nighthawk Custom firearm I have and what stage it is in its building process. This would be similar to the way Tesla runs.

I received the firearm from my FFL on October 4, 2016 and I immediately went to my indoor range. I'm not much of a person that wants attention, but the number of broken necks from the range customers that happened on that Tuesday evening was unbelievable. If they didn't know about Nighthawk before my range session, they do now.

The firearm shot straight, looked good, and did everything that I expected. Joey did a fine job in creating a work of art. This firearm will continue to be passed through generations of my family, and Joey's legacy and work will be around forever. Thank you very much Joey for your attention to detail.

I'd like to thank the entire team of Nighthawk for making this experience wonderful. I'll be ready to buy another Nighthawk soon, and I'll make sure that Bill and Joey are the first ones to know.

Thank you again! Allan
November 2, 2016

I finally took possession of my Shadowhawk this last weekend. I took it out shooting having high expectations. It's the most expensive handgun that I've ever bought. I remember before I got to the range I said I don't know how this will do but I'll soon find out if the money that I spent was worth it.

After shooting 150 rounds through it, I can without a doubt say that is the best firearm that I have ever used in my life. My current possession includes BLA S ER rifles as well as Wilson combat handguns.

If somebody was to ask me to compare a Wilson combat versus the Shadowhawk I would tell them it's like comparing a Ferrari to a Toyota Camry. Nighthawk Shadowhawk is the best firearm in the world in my humble opinion. Please make sure to pass this email along to your CEO as well as the gentleman that built my handgun. I'm planning on selling my Wilson combat handgun and having the same guy build me a Shadowhawk in 45 ACP.

Chase -

Your professionalism and your customer service is what makes all the difference in the world. It's the experience along with backing out what you say you're going to do that separate you guys from the rest of the competition. Don't ever change that.


Berin L. Berin L.
October 30, 2016
Mark ,

I want to call to your attention a very pleasant experience I recently had with Nighthawk Custom .

A few days ago I placed a call to inquire about the installation of a Trijicon Reflex sight on my Nighthawk 10mm Long Slide , and was so fortunate to have Bill Bien take my call . He thoroughly explained the process , pricing , turn around time [ minimum 45 days ] , etc . I mentioned to him certain time constraints on my end and asked if my order could be expedited ? He made no commitments but said he would look into it .

I don`t have a calendar in front of me at present but Bill called last Thursday , approximately 3 weeks after Nighthawk received my gun , to report that he was ready to return ship . I received it yesterday : the workmanship is flawless as we have come to expect from Nighthawk . More importantly the friendly customer service I received from Bill is becoming a thing of the past in this fast paced world in which we now live . I compliment Nighthawk , especially Bill , for keeping customer service in the forefront of your daily operations . You guys are a credit to your industry .

Kind regards
Frank M. Frank M.
October 30, 2016

I am exceptionally pleased to report that my Nighthawk Hi-Power showed up on Thursday as advertised and I must say this thing is a thing of beauty, dare I say a work of art. The guys who worked at the gun shop were salivating over this thing and every one of them asked if they could at least handle it before I left lol. I took it to the range yesterday and am proud to report that it functioned flawlessly. I put about 100 rounds through it and it worked like a champ. The action and trigger are as smooth as butter. Please pass along my compliments to the gunsmith who worked on my gun for his excellent work and amazing craftsmanship. My profound thanks to him who created this beautiful weapon and to all at Nighthawk who worked to get it to me so quickly.
God bless and thanks again!

With deepest respect,
Fred B. Fred B.
October 30, 2016
Thanks Joe, I greatly appreciate it! I'm so looking forward to receiving and shooting my Falcon 9mm. It is so true that Nighthawk has great customer service. Believe me in this day and age, it really does make a difference. This is my retirement gift to myself and will be my daily carry gun. Ray
October 27, 2016
Just wanted to drop you a note;
just shot my new(to me)xxx14149 T-3 for the first time today.Robert Reeves is one hell of a Master gunsmith! The T-3 in 9mm. is xtremly accurate and very smooth. please tell Robert i said thanks for building this pistol right. By the way, that goes for my Shadowhawk in 45acp.(unsure of pistolsmith) and my 260 rem. bolt gun you built a few years ago.
Thanks for the fine work.
Dave Dave S.
October 27, 2016
Hey Mark,

I don't normally do this as I've said before, but when I thought about it I decided that if I were a business owner I'd want to hear this type of feedback especially if most of what came across my desk were customer issues or complaints to deal with. My job puts me in front of CEO's on a regular basis, and most of them pretend they are going to do the right thing or make changes where needed but at the end of the day they are all talk. You are clearly different and don't just talk a big do the right things. What I want to tell you is nothing more than feedback from just another customer, but I hope it resonates.

What I've seen is nothing short of amazing. People are talking about Nighthawk like never before, and people are buying these guns on nothing more than word of mouth. On top of that, they are all thrilled. The forums had virtually no posts about Nighthawk previously. I know it's tough to quantify, but only about 10% of the people reading the forums are registered users. A little back door tracking shows that the NHC subforums are brining more viewers than any other company. While I was recently banned from one of the forums (apparent you are lot allowed to talk about Nighthawk in Wilson's wasn't even negative, just responded that NHC provides a superior products when someone posted about a new carry pistol) I still see what is going on and actively engage on the other. Bob is on top of questions to the point that people are in awe. Not only are the answers quick, they also show the flexibility and customer focus at NHC. I know we've talked about the changes you've implemented before, but this is too tell you that it's working. I can only hope that you are seeing it on your end in terms of sales and profit. You guys deserve it.

You, Bob, and the gunsmiths have achieved what an best be described as rockstar status. People want to be associated with NHC. They want to own the guns. They want to come and meet the smiths. Your offer to host a small group is beyond generous and I'm sure that will go even further. Historically I was not a NHC pistol owner. No reason for that, I just went with names I knew. Today, all but 1 of my 1911's is a NHC. I know I'm just one customer but I want you to know that there are a TON of people like me out there. I wish I could offer you some constructive criticism as I believe there is always room for improvement........but I can't. The changes you've made and the culture you've created come across to everyone who buys your guns and it's great to see. You're doing all the right things.

I just want you, and every single employee at Nighthawk how excited people are about the brand. From customer service to the gunsmiths, it's universal praise. People like you're sales folks so much they want to order direct. I know that it's not possible at the end of the day since you guys can't be seen undercutting your dealers who are crucial to the success of the company, but if all were equal I believe the majority would order from you. I know you treat your dealers well, especially the preferred dealers who get exceptional pricing, but I thought it was worth noting that people love talking to the salespeople and would order direct if it were economically viable. If I could, I'd own one of every model you have (unfortunately I just can't afford it now but when the day comes that I can, I'll get another NHC. Hopefully a switch barrel Marvel in 9mm/38 Super)!!! Someday I hope to make that dream come true.

Anyways, I apologize for the long email but I thought it was important to let you know what people are saying both publicly and privately. It's truly amazing and great to see. I'm excited to see what's next for Nighthawk. Thanks for everything you and your people have done. Brendan
October 20, 2016
Team Nighthawk

Just wanted to say thank you for my Dominator it was every thing I hope it would be and more. But I'm sure you know that in the gun world you say Nighthawk and every thinks it one of the best 1911 made, but I guess what I wanted to let you guys know is how impress I was with your sales/customer service and in this day and time that some how has gotten lost, so keep up the great work and thank you Chase Gott.

Thomas H.
October 20, 2016
Good morning Sir.

I picked up the pistol on Saturday, went to the NRA range and my o my what a good shot I am or is it just the pistol. Smooth as butter and that slide, WOW what prep work, please tell Austin thank you.
And Joey.........the trigger...the attention to detail all over this pistol is amazing, please tell him that he is a true craftsman and artisan.
And Tim...thank you for pulling it all together, I do appreciate YOU !

October 20, 2016