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I bought my 1st NHC Falcon a few years ago, it was my 2nd 1911 w/ the Colt Gold Cup being my 1st 1911. Up until then my collection entailed Glock, Ruger, S&W, Magnum Research, Sig Sauer and a few others. For some reason the Falcon caught my eye at the dealership. When I picked up the Falcon the salesman told me, "...things will never be the same for you. You're entering into an entirely new realm." Well he was right, it exceeded my expectations for quality, attention, consistency, and accuracy. Over the next couple of years I purchased an Ed Brown Custom Classic, a Les Baer, and a Dan Wesson. All are amazing guns, but I kept coming back to the Falcon as my favorite.

As a side story, two of my nephews are LEOs, who are both Glock bigots. At a charity shooting event they had the chance to shoot my NHC. At 25 yards they were able to shoot tennis balls with their Glocks but they were able to shoot at (and hit) golf balls w/ my Falcon! They LOVE the NHC.

Back to my story... I have been drooling over the NHC Kestrel since it was brought to market. Personally, I think it's one of the best looking guns you folks manufacture. I don't have the financial resources to run out and buy a custom gun when I see one that I like, but I'm good at saving for what I want rather than buying lots of $500 guns. A couple of years ago I told my wife that I was going to buy the NHC Kestrel (new) as a birthday present to myself when I retire. This summer I contacted Joe at NHC and we put together an order for my Kestrel. I asked him what he thought about this vs that feature, we had several good discussions. It's difficult to buy something you've never touched or actually seen! We/I settled on a black Kestrel w/ 4" barrel, full sized grip, in 9mm. I gave him my credit card information, and I waited, and waited, and waited...

Three days later my Kestrel arrived at my local dealer. The gun is nothing short of amazing! So here I sit with my two Nighthawk Custom pistols, an Ed Brown, and a Les Baer. They're all amazing guns, but the Kestrel is now my favorite, and the Falcon has been relegated to being #2 (not too shabby). As I said, they're ALL amazing guns, but not all of them are Nighthawks- "just a little above amazing". Hopefully I'll add the NHC Hi Power in a year or so.

I have to buy a 3rd NHC, either the Hi Power or the Custom Classic. I plan on leaving one to my son and each of my nephews. Good thing I don't come from a large family :-)

BTW, customer service is outstanding also. I would send Joe a note and I would receive his response early the next morning, or later that evening. At one point I even told him to go home and enjoy the great summer day.

BTW2, never had a single misfire in my Falcon or my Kestrel.

Keep up the great work,
Stuart P. Stuart P.
February 7, 2018
Hi Bill

I just want to tell you at how amazed I was when I opened the case and my first impression of the stippling was pure art and words can not explain how unique this makes this pistol and truly sets it apart , The best part of it is because although it’s uniform it also is not the lines flow giving a true work of art look and feel this is not the run of the mill type of stippling this is an expression in art . This approach of one Smith one pistol is old world type of craftsmanship that is ascent from all your competition and sets NIGHTHAWK apart from the rest . I understand that Justin is the smith who crafted this masterpiece and I would like to thank him for his dedication to his craft .

Life time customer


Mike O. Mike O.
January 9, 2018
I’ve bought a couple of your high end handguns from them early this year before I met you. Shooting your handguns are like driving a Bentley.
John T.
December 14, 2017
Dear Scott

I wanted to write to thank everyone at Nighthawk for my newest Nighthawk.

I will be out shooting Friday.

I can't say enough about the quality, handling and performance of my nighthawks.

Dead reliable, accurate with flawless performance.

This firearm will be in my family for generations.

I would like to the order the Turnbull VIP 1. I have a Turnbull wood AR - one of sixteen made. The VIP 1 Turnbull will match perfectly.

All the best. And again, thank you to everyone there.


Andrew Andrew B.
December 6, 2017
Hi Mark,

My name is Paul C., Scott Larousse recently helped me customize a Bob Marvel 1911 to suit my shooting needs.
I have to start off by saying, that I have been collecting and shooting firearms for many years, I also compete in weekly competitions, and the firearm that I just received from Nighthawk, is now the finest shooting 1911 pistol in my collection. I have custom shop ______ ______ pistols, ___ ____, ____ and ______ 1911’s, and the pistol I just received from Nighthawk, puts them ALL TO SHAME. The gunsmith who built my firearm is second to none! The slide to frame finish, the hand fitting, the lock up, the engraving, the accuracy and the list goes on, his work is flawless; he is indeed a master of his craft. And as for the customer service, Scott Larousse was extremely impressive. Words cannot describe how impressed I was with the way I was treated. I have never experienced such an impeccable level of customer service when purchasing a custom firearm before, and believe me, I have purchased many over the years. Scott made me feel like I was actually a part of the Nighthawk family, he also made me feel like I had been doing business with Nighthawk Custom for many years, even though, this was my first Nighthawk Custom purchase. We spoke on the phone and emailed sometime daily, to the last day of production, to assure that my custom build was to my satisfaction. I cannot believe how stellar his customer service skills were; in my opinion, he is very vital to the Nighthawk Custom operation, and should be commended for his service to Nighthawk Custom. Because of his customer service, and the flawless finished 1911 I received, Nighthawk custom is now the ONLY company that I will be buying 1911’s from In the future. I can proudly say that I am now a Nighthawk customer for life! At my local gun club, I took the liberty of advertising some Nighthawk Custom flyers and business cards that Scott furnished me with, and I already had one club member call to tell me he will be contacting Scott for a custom build in the near future. Of coarse it also helped out a lot that I allowed him to shoot my custom Nighthawk as well... In closing, I would like to thank you for running such a professional business, putting out a product that is second to none, employing professional, competent, and well trained knowledgeable employees to represent your brand. That in itself sir, is a very tough thing to do in this day and age, and once again, I commend you for that.


Paul C.

Paul C.
October 11, 2017
Hello Tim.

I am so happy with my VIP. I cant get over how amazing this pistol is. I am going back to Iraq in a couple of days and I wish like hell I could take it with me! Please pass my gratitude to the smith who made this, Steven Cox, and let him know this pistol is now my everyday carry. Everyone thinks I am crazy for not making her a safe queen... ha!
Also, I thank you Tim for always helping me and making sure I got exactly what I wanted. Your dedication to your craft is undoubtably a major factor in the N. C. overall success. Casey M.
September 21, 2017
"Nighthawk Custom has completely changed my perception and understanding of the 1911 platform. Not only are their firearms innovative, but they are reliable, functional, easy to use and far more advanced than any other 1911 I've used or own. Thanks to Scott and the entire Nighthawk Team for the outstanding work you guys do!"
September 18, 2017
Good day. My name is Archie. I have spent a little time apprenticing with a local gunsmith and became familiar with your awesome 1911s. Today I was looking at your website and was surprised to see the Bible scriptures! Thank you for standing strong with your beliefs! Your pistols are top of the line and each one I had the pleasure of seeing were impressive in quality. Although I'm saddened that I cannot afford one, I wanted to thank you for your Christian stand. We need more companies like you out there. Continue with the high quality never sacrifice that as the Lord commands us too give our best in our professions. Thank you and Good bless!

Archie B.
August 27, 2017
really love your company and you guys certainly are the be all when it comes to sidearms and accessories. Keep on keeping on friend!!! Job very well done, excellent par none!!! Brad B.
August 15, 2017
The Hi Power is everything you said it would be plus. Great job to Nighthawk Custom for the work y'all did. Thanks Again. Scott R.
August 7, 2017
I am and enthusiast in firearms manufacturing. I have made several 1911 firearms, using mostly your components. I want to thank you for your dedication to excellence. I tell many people I talk to if they want an excellent 1911 to look you guys up. I started building 1911's a few years ago and I used all the components but the frame from your company. One of your gunsmiths helped me with an issue with me fitting the barrel. Their help was incredible and made me understand the assembly and manufacturing of the 1911. I have made both .45 and 9mm version of the 1911. I continue to purchase components you manufacture because there is nothing that compares in quality at any price. Thank you for your commitment to quality and customer service. 
I am self employed and know first hand how far a compliment goes when a job well done is communicated.

I will continue to make 1911 and use you components.
 Richard B.
August 7, 2017
I am extremely happy with my purchase so far. I'm not sure if it should be regarded as a work of art or an example of artisanal mechanical precision.

I now own three possessions which approach absolute mechanical precision - my Patek Philippe 5270G watch; my Nighthawk; and (maybe, but not quite to the same standard) my Porsche Cayenne V8 GTS.

Many thanks to JL for his fine craftsmanship! If I can source one, I'd love to purchase a 45ACP model by him. Carl D.
July 24, 2017
shot 600 rounds yesterday with the cop, who is the head instructor for the Tampa Bay Swat Team….heavy hitter!….he’s trying to teach me to get better….tougher job than teaching the swat team, I think….we shot 200 rounds with the Sky Hawk….he shot 50, and I shot the rest….he loved the gun….he shoots dead center of the target, double action, from 5yds to out where I can’t see the damn center….man, is he good…well, he loved the gun…the gun preformed flawlessly ….never a hiccup at all…….cudos to all you guys at NC and Korth……great gun……thanks, Joe….your good, man………ciao……..
PS I had to shoot a S&W, ‘cause I DON'T HAVE THE SPORT yet…..400 rounds with a S&W…..come on, Joe…think Super Sport!!!!! Frank W.
July 24, 2017
Hey Tim,

Thanks so much for the new barrel. It really gives my AAC-Recon a different look. Of course, the target is just as unbelievable as the original target. I've never had a pistol that shoots as wells a my Nighthawk. The slide is as smooth as a hot knife cutting butter. I am so impressed with y'alls craftsmanship. Please pass on my appreciation to everyone at Nighthawk Custom.

Thanks again,
Thomas Thomas
June 6, 2017
Mark - I write to let you know how much I enjoyed dealing with your team in connection with my recent purchase of a 1911 War Hawk in 9 mm, which was shipped out to my local gun store today. (I ordered it at the end of December.) My point of contact after I placed the order was Mickey Shields, and he couldn’t have been more helpful. We had various e-mail exchanges during the intervening months, and a long phone call today in connection with finalizing shipping details and the like.

Mickey was a consummate professional throughout (including handling my several irritating “when will it be ready” e-mails), extremely affable, very responsive and an all-around real pleasure to deal with.

You are fortunate to have him on your team. And I can only imagine what a great team it is, based on your company’s outstanding reputation.

Kudos to Nighthawk Custom, and Mickey, in particular.

All my best, Leon B
May 10, 2017
Afternoon sir,
I picked up my pistol a from the gun shop this morning. I am completely blown away by how it turned out. I've never used a tool with a trigger that nice. It shots so well I can't find the words. Everything from the way it looks and feels to recoil pulse and the break of the shot is just a dream. Thank you Sir! Please give Mr Vaughn a bid hug and kiss on the cheek from this old grunt:) JW
April 30, 2017
Hi Mark: I just purchased a Bob Marvel 1911 from Mickey Shield. I received the gun yesterday at Port St Lucie Shooting Center, its perfect, your smitty that built the gun did an excellent job, haven't shot it yet but as far as appearance, the detail is superb and the trigger pull is outstanding. The main reason I wound up with the Bob Marvel is Mickey Shield and his superb presentation over the phone, he is one outstanding salesman. He believes in his product (very important when selling something), and presented it in a manner that was professional, articulate, and NOT overbearing at all. He let me make the decision, and that is the mark of an outstanding salesman. Mickey was so intuitive that in a short time talking with him he knew better what I wanted than I did. Mickey Shield on a scale of 1 to 10, gets an 11, and that 11 is not a typo. This is the second 1911 I have purchased from you, the other which is my present EDC is a Stainless T3, which looks like it is going to be accompanied by the Bob Marvel. You are doing it right, don't change anything, outstanding staff, excellent products that become heirlooms. I appreciate the opportunity to be able to deal directly with your company, it works best for me !! Mickey Shield made that happen. Take Care God Bless & God Speed Fred B. Fred B.
April 18, 2017

Thank you and your staff for having an outstanding customer service. My hate for _____________ runs deep and within the last six months I have purchased five nighthawk custom pistols. Don't ever change your customer service as I consider it the best in the industry period.

All the best, Berin
April 12, 2017
When I acquired my Nighthawk-Korth Super Sport revolver I spent days admiring its workmanship and all-around good looks. I'd no choice -- outdoor target shooting in Maine in Winter calls for hardier spirits than mine. At the merest hint of permissive weather, I decided I could no longer wait. As bitter winds and snowflakes blew I drove to the outdoor range I use, about ten minutes from my Midcoast home, and soon forgot about the miserable day.

My prized firearm -- the most elegant of my small collection -- proved to be more than macho eye-candy. I'm a very old guy and a mediocre shot who discovered he had a tack-driver in hand. The Super Sport allowed me to savage bull's-eyes in conditions only a fool could enjoy. In this geezer's opinion, the Super Sport is an instant classic.

This is one hell of a gun.

Mike S.
March 12, 2017
I now have three of your guns. I own a Talon, Warhawk and a T3. I've always liked custom 1911's and about a month ago, I acquired my first NHC (Talon). I could tell right away it was a highly functional work of art. I saw the YouTube video that featured Mark Stone talking about all the quality attributes of the guns. I believe every bit of what he says. The folks that produced the three guns I own made something that I'll be proud of the rest of my life. These are heirloom quality guns. I can't say enough good things BUT, I will praise them whenever asked or wherever I go and people see them. Great job people! These have to be the best guns made. Jeff C.
February 19, 2017