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Nighthawk GRP

The Ultimate Concealed Carry Pistol: We designed this little pistol to allow users to pack the powerful 45acp in a small package, but due to its popularity we now offer it in 9mm and 40 S&W. A 4.25" bushing barrel allows field strip anywhere, and keeps the weight down when compared to pistols of comparable size with tapered cone barrels. Already loaded with options, we find that most customers want it just the way it is.

When it comes time to choose your everyday carry gun there is a lot to consider. You need something that is reliable, accurate, and easy to wear all day. You need something that you can enjoy shooting a lot, because there is no substitute for practice. That's where the T3 comes in. We designed this pistol to be pleasing to the eye, but also to be a workhorse that can stand up to thousands and thousands of rounds.

The T3 has the best features for any gun its size. The frame is based on the Officer model, but for those with large hands, it features an extended magazine well that gives you the length you need to get all your fingers on the grip. The extension also serves another function. The hand-cut geometric angles really add to the looks as well. The slide is a 4.25" Commander length that affords a better sight radius.

Another consideration is weight. The T3 actually weighs one ounce lighter than most officer size 1911s. This makes the T3 the first choice for an all-day carry pistol.

Heinie Slant-Pro Straight Eights Night Sights are standard. The mainspring housing, as well as the rear of the slide, are horizontally serrated to match. This feature also helps prevent snags on silk lined jackets and coats that checkering often causes. The top of the slide is also serrated to reduce glare. A Nighthawk Custom© lightweight aluminum trigger that has been blacked-out using Perma Kote™ breaks between 3.5 and 4 lbs with no creep. When you put all of these features in one package, you come up with the finest carry gun you can own. All you add is practice.


  • Height: 5 5/8"
  • Barrel Length: 4.25"
  • Mag Catch: Extended tactical
  • Weight: 2 lb. 8 oz.
  • Safeties: Tactical single-side or Ambi-safety available
  • Sights: Heinie Straight Eight Slant-Pro
  • Finish: Perma Kote™ finish in Black, Gun Metal Gray, Green, Coyote Tan, Titanium Blue, Hard Chrome.
  • Action: Single action only
  • Price: $3,250.00
  • T3 from Nighthawk Custom
    Serrations provide a "no snag" system.
    Sights, rear of slide, and mainspring housing
    all have horizontal serrations rather than checkering.
  • T3 from Nighthawk Custom
    White outline front sight with Tritium makes
    daytime sight acquisition faster,
    rear sight has only Tritium, so your
    eyes quickly pick up the front post.
  • T3 from Nighthawk Custom
    Serrations on mainspring housing
    to prevent snags on coat liners.

Made specifically to compliment the wildly popular line of our T3 pistols, this new creation from Arkansas Custom Knife maker Keith Murr gives you something else concealable that's also a beauty to behold.

Each knife is hand made by Keith one at a time of D2 steel. The micarta knife handles are individually shaped, so each varies slightly. One side of the blade has the Nighthawk Custom logo while the other carries Keith’s signature logo. After each knife is completed, a kydex sheath is formed to fit that particular knife. We then have our leather craftsman make a black leather holster that allows you to carry the knife concealed vertically. The T3 logo is permanently stamped on the outside of the leather.

The bolsters of each knife are a custom mosaic which really sets it apart from other custom knives. The time and care put into making each one is evident. Price: $280.00