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"Choose you this day whom you will serve…as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD." — Joshua 24:15

"For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn it, but that thru HIM the world might be saved." — John 3:17


In September 2012, we started using nothing but parts that we developed which are fully machined from solid billet. This includes very hard to machine parts such as the beavertail grip safety, thumb safety (single side and ambi), magazine release, slide stop, hammers etc. Other companies will make you pay a very stiff premium to have fully machined parts throughout, but they will be standard on every model of 1911 we produce at Nighthawk Custom from now on. We have also switched to an extreme high cut under the trigger guard. This is very noticeable once you pick up the gun. Even customers with large fingers may suddenly find that even an Officer size frame will allow them to get all three fingers on the frame. As always, our frames are cut right here in Berryville Arkansas from solid forgings. We never use a cast frame.


To Our Customers Concerning Your Firearm Finish & Care:

Nighthawk Custom uses Nitride/Melonite finish on all of our pistols that are black in color. Pistols that are colors other than black are still finished in our Perma Kote ceramic based finish.

The Black Nitride finish that we are now using is a superior finish and wears very well. You should avoid solvent immersion and prolonged ultrasonic cleaning of your firearm. DO NOT use cleaning products with Trichloroethylene, Ammoniated Solvents, or strong Alkaline Solvents. Damage to a firearm’s Nitride/Melonite finish may occur if these cautions are ignored.

We recommend Gibbs Lubricant and Cleaner and have started including one 5oz spray bottle with each new pistol shipped starting on July 1, 2012. To purchase additional Gibbs Lubricant click here.

Customer Supplied Handguns

We will continue to work on Customer Supplied Handguns. We perform all manner of work to your specifications. You can do something as simple as a reliability job to a full blown custom build using your frame and slide. IF you own the firearm you can send it directly to us via Fed-ex or UPS, and we can ship it back to you direct by using the same type of delivery method.

The handguns that we take for custom work are only 1911s, and only those manufactured by Colt, Springfield Armory or Kimber.

Wait time varies by the number of guns we have in for custom work at the time yours arrives.

Call one of our Account Managers and discuss what all your options are for that favorite 1911.