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In September 2012, we started using nothing but parts that we developed which are fully machined from solid billet. This includes very hard to machine parts such as the beavertail grip safety, thumb safety (single side and ambi), magazine release, slide stop, hammers etc. Other companies will make you pay a very stiff premium to have fully machined parts throughout, but they will be standard on every model of 1911 we produce at Nighthawk Custom from now on. We have also switched to an extreme high cut under the trigger guard. This is very noticeable once you pick up the gun. Even customers with large fingers may suddenly find that even an Officer size frame will allow them to get all three fingers on the frame. As always, our frames are cut right here in Berryville Arkansas from solid forgings. We never use a cast frame.


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Nighthawk Custom Firearms is opposed to any efforts by the government that reduces our freedoms guaranteed by the Second Amendment. We oppose any future legislation that in any way further restricts the gun rights of American citizens.

We will continue to show support through our finances, words and actions.

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Introduce friends and family to shooting sports.Nighthawk Custom supports organized shooting sports such as USPSA/IDPA through our pistol team and match sponsorships. Take someone to the range today and share the enjoyment of the shooting experience.